Web Exclusive: YYC’s International Terminal

February 16 / 2017
By Canadian Architect

At nearly two million square feet, the $2-billion project has doubled the existing space at the airport while reducing its footprint through an efficient and innovative design.


Landmark Niagara Falls get dynamic RGBW LED lighitng upgrade

February 06 / 2017
By LEDs Magazine

The Niagara Falls Illumination Board has unveiled a new LED-based dynamic lighting system using red, green, blue, and white (RGBW) luminaires or projectors that make the famed falls even more spectacular at night.


Canada’s largest venture in sustainable airports takes flight

January 31 / 2017
By International Airport Review

YYC is set to become Canada’s greenest and most sustainable airport. Rob Adamson, Principal Architect at design consultancy, DIALOG, outlines the unique features of the terminal as well as the process of designing airports with the environment in mind.


New year, new flavours

January 19 / 2017
By Pay Chen

The year is still new so why not try incorporating new flavours into your diet. Lifestyle expert Pay Chen was here this morning, with a new product to do just that.


How to become a profitable freelancer in a gig economy

January 18 / 2017
By Pattie Lovett-Reid

Canada’s gig economy is growing at a rapid pace and shows no signs of slowing down. Whether you are a freelancer enjoying flex work freedom, a full-time employee taking on some side gigs or have a skill or hobby and are looking to monetize, here are a few considerations to help you execute a positive result.


Niagara Falls seen in an all new light

January 12 / 2017
By Wallace Immen

With the flick of a switch, Niagara Falls lights up at night three times brighter than at any time in history. Programmable colours can make the tumbling water look like a golden sunset, an ocean wave in multiple shades of blue or an intensely red lava flow.


This Is The Year That Fake News Becomes Old News

January 05 / 2017
By Jon Packer

Whether on issues of politics, celebrity or, heck, even the weather, the cry of fake news has now reached fever pitch. So it seems to be getting harder than ever to trust any news source. Or is it?


Holiday Entertaining with Appetizers and Drinks

December 20 / 2016
By BT Montreal

Chef V has easy and simple ways to entertain without making an entire meal – try her delicious Olive Tapenade Pizzettas!


How Chatbots Will Evolve In One Simple Flowchart (Infographic)

December 09 / 2016
By Kate Rockwood

Many chatbots will die. The survivors will get better. Here’s what to expect.


Niagara Falls Illumination

December 06 / 2016
By Daily Planet

At the flip of a switch (or in this case the click of a mouse) “a new era” in lighting for the Niagara Falls became a reality this week.

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