With Downtown Toronto’s population to double in 25 years, one company is building a neighbourhood for the future

April 04 / 2017
By Jon Packer

The aesthetic of our urban landscape has drastically changed. Where there once was a surplus of garment warehouses, nightclubs, and even vacant lots, thousands of Torontonians now work, live and play. This includes the Idea Workshop team, with our offices situated in a brick and beam studio near Richmond and Spadina.


DIALOG announces launch of “Carleton Studio”, six-week program for graduate students

March 14 / 2017
By Canadian Architect

DIALOG has announced the launch of “Carleton Studio,” an architectural studio for 15 graduate students from Carleton University’s Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism at the design firm’s Toronto studio. The program comprises a six-week term to gain on-the-ground industry experience and access to professional networks before completing school.


Got tax questions? UFile’s new web portal can help you get answers

February 28 / 2017
By Dominic Licorish

Before you turn to a tax expert, you might want to consider doing your taxes by yourself this year. Not only can you file your tax return online for free, you can also get free guidance thanks to UFile’s new website Tax & U.


How to combat “selfie culture” with design and ambiance

February 22 / 2017
By Restaurants Canada

Thanks to ‘Selfie Culture’ Millennials Are Eating with Their Eyes – Here’s How Canadian Restaurants Can Respond


An artist’s heart beats bigger

February 22 / 2017
By Matthew Hague

It is impossible to appreciate the magic of Toronto’s Moss & Lam studio, just by looking at the building from the street. The space, which was until recently the warehouse for a printing company, is on the fringe of the city, across the road from where Lush manufactures soap (its signature scent heavy in the air). Outside, it’s simple and unassuming – blending into the industrial surroundings.


Web Exclusive: YYC’s International Terminal

February 16 / 2017
By Canadian Architect

At nearly two million square feet, the $2-billion project has doubled the existing space at the airport while reducing its footprint through an efficient and innovative design.


Landmark Niagara Falls get dynamic RGBW LED lighitng upgrade

February 06 / 2017
By LEDs Magazine

The Niagara Falls Illumination Board has unveiled a new LED-based dynamic lighting system using red, green, blue, and white (RGBW) luminaires or projectors that make the famed falls even more spectacular at night.


Canada’s largest venture in sustainable airports takes flight

January 31 / 2017
By International Airport Review

YYC is set to become Canada’s greenest and most sustainable airport. Rob Adamson, Principal Architect at design consultancy, DIALOG, outlines the unique features of the terminal as well as the process of designing airports with the environment in mind.


New year, new flavours

January 19 / 2017
By Pay Chen

The year is still new so why not try incorporating new flavours into your diet. Lifestyle expert Pay Chen was here this morning, with a new product to do just that.


How to become a profitable freelancer in a gig economy

January 18 / 2017
By Pattie Lovett-Reid

Canada’s gig economy is growing at a rapid pace and shows no signs of slowing down. Whether you are a freelancer enjoying flex work freedom, a full-time employee taking on some side gigs or have a skill or hobby and are looking to monetize, here are a few considerations to help you execute a positive result.

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