This Is The Year That Fake News Becomes Old News

January 05 / 2017
By Jon Packer

Whether on issues of politics, celebrity or, heck, even the weather, the cry of fake news has now reached fever pitch. So it seems to be getting harder than ever to trust any news source. Or is it?


Holiday Entertaining with Appetizers and Drinks

December 20 / 2016
By BT Montreal

Chef V has easy and simple ways to entertain without making an entire meal – try her delicious Olive Tapenade Pizzettas!


How Chatbots Will Evolve In One Simple Flowchart (Infographic)

December 09 / 2016
By Kate Rockwood

Many chatbots will die. The survivors will get better. Here’s what to expect.


Niagara Falls Illumination

December 06 / 2016
By Daily Planet

At the flip of a switch (or in this case the click of a mouse) “a new era” in lighting for the Niagara Falls became a reality this week.


Kingstar Launches L49 Digital Divison

November 11 / 2016
By Kingstar Media

Toronto-based direct response media agency Kingstar Media has launched a new digital unit called L49 Digital in response to rising client demand for 360-degree marketing solutions.


New YYC Terminal Opens

November 03 / 2016
By David Gray

CBC Eyeopener talks with Janice Liebe from DIALOG, one of the architects that designed the new Calgary airport terminal, which officially opened to the public on Oct. 31.


Graffiti Adds Colour To The Conversations We Should All Be Having

September 22 / 2016
By Jon Packer

Of course, graffiti is not a modern creation. As far back as ancient Africa graffiti was a common form of communication, depicting stories of love, war, religion, literature, art and commerce. From rocks and boulders to rudimentary stone walls, every surface was a billboard to make a statement. The authors of these works were the storytellers of the times. Today, in the British Museum, Royal Ontario Museum, and numerous other institutions around the world, relics of this time inform how we understand early city life.


Cassels Brock to advise start-ups working out of OCAD University

September 22 / 2016
By Drew Hasselback

Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP has entered a partnership in which lawyers from the corporate law firm will advise entrepreneurs launching companies through Imagination Catalyst, a business accelerator at Toronto’s OCAD University.


How The Cult Of The Tech Entrepreneur Is Turning Marketing Upside Down

September 20 / 2016
By John Ounpuu

We live in the age of the entrepreneur. Once there was a time when everyone aspired to be a rock star, movie star or professional athlete. But these days, rock stars, movie stars and professional athletes aspire to be tech entrepreneurs. We all know the archetypal story. Brilliant opportunist peers around corners, sees a future no one else does, places a big risky bet on it and ends up changing the world. And, of course, becomes a billionaire in the process.


Wayfair Moves Offline

September 13 / 2016
By Josh Kolm

Wayfair may be the biggest online furniture and home decor retailer in the U.S., but it has been taking an offline approach to attract new customers during its launch year in Canada.

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