Khiron in New Cannabis Ventures

November 03 / 2017

We connected with Alvaro Torres, CEO of Khiron Life Sciences, to learn more about the developing market and his company’s goals. Khiron, which is in the process of listing on the TSX Venture, is based in Canada, where it has raised its capital.


DIALOG in Azure Magazine

October 31 / 2017

In Memphis, an abandoned art deco Sears building has been revitalized – and now, the Crosstown Concourse is at the centre of the community.


Skylark in The Globe and Mail

October 26 / 2017

Talking to your children about drugs has never been easy. Now, with the upcoming legalization of cannabis and the proliferation of fentanyl, it’s probably never been more important. But how does a parent win their children’s trust? How do you even begin?


Moss and Lam in Design Anthology

June 06 / 2017

‘We’re artists visiting the design world,’ laughs Deborah Moss about her studio practice.


UFile in Lowest Rates

February 28 / 2017

Before you turn to a tax expert, you might want to consider doing your taxes by yourself this year. Not only can you file your tax return online for free, you can also get free guidance thanks to UFile’s new website Tax & U.


Moss and Lam in The Globe and Mail

February 22 / 2017

It is impossible to appreciate the magic of Toronto’s Moss & Lam studio, just by looking at the building from the street. The space, which was until recently the warehouse for a printing company, is on the fringe of the city, across the road from where Lush manufactures soap (its signature scent heavy in the air). Outside, it’s simple and unassuming – blending into the industrial surroundings.


DIALOG in Canadian Architect

February 16 / 2017

At nearly two million square feet, the $2-billion project has doubled the existing space at the airport while reducing its footprint through an efficient and innovative design.


Salex in LEDs Magazine

February 06 / 2017

The Niagara Falls Illumination Board has unveiled a new LED-based dynamic lighting system using red, green, blue, and white (RGBW) luminaires or projectors that make the famed falls even more spectacular at night.


DIALOG in International Airport Review

January 31 / 2017

YYC is set to become Canada’s greenest and most sustainable airport. Rob Adamson, Principal Architect at design consultancy, DIALOG, outlines the unique features of the terminal as well as the process of designing airports with the environment in mind.


Miscela on CHCH

January 19 / 2017

The year is still new so why not try incorporating new flavours into your diet. Lifestyle expert Pay Chen was here this morning, with a new product to do just that.